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Jack Mitchell Building & Inspections commenced in the mid seventies, with their interest being in quality housing, extension and renovation work, both in alternative (mud brick, timbers, stone), and conventional mediums.

With over 25 years building experience, Jack Mitchell specialises in providing an independent and professional inspection service for home buyers, people building their own home, and existing home owners.


Purchasing an existing home: a pre-purchase inspection is a must, and offers you assurance and peace of mind. A pre-purchase inspection includes Verification of the homes Structural Integrity; General soundness and functioning of services and finishes; Defects Assessment; Electrical Check; and Safety Audit.



Building your own home: it is essential to have your new home inspected at each stage of completion, prior to paying your builder. An inspection at each stage ensures you are getting the quality of work you are paying for, and identifies any problems before it is too late.




Maintenance and safety reports: for existing home owners to help you to protect your most valuable asset. It provides you with information on potentially costly problems before they occur. Maintenance on your home saves you time and expense on major repairs, and ensures your home is safe for your family and friends, as is now essential, particularly in this age of litigation.


Jack Mitchell is a registered and practicing Master Builder who is focused on customer service. Inspections can generally be completed within 24 hours and your inspection report is available immediately.

To arrange an inspection, please contact Jack Mitchell on 03 9439 2390, mobile 0409 256 756 or email: jack.mitchell@optusnet.com.au

Existing Home for Sale

On first appearances, the home looks sound???
Take a closer look

On Inspection, the entire home was found to be Termite infested.

An inspection of this extension reveals:

Vertical cut beside footing
risks collapse.

No moisture/rot proofing

No termite proofing


Pick the Faults.

No Gap allowance between floorboards & wall frame

Bricklayers motar jammed between stud wall & brick work

These Faults caused the following problems.
Severe crack in outside brickwork - pull the wall down and start again
Floor Boards raised - requiring a complete relay.
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